AIMS take delivery of the 1st Wingtra One PPK in the UK

AIMS have now been operating the Wingtra One PPK for over 16 months surveying over 50 large sites around the UK.

The Wingtra One PPK the safest and most accurate VTOL drone, for mapping and surveying.

Combining vertical take-off and landing with long range flights, it carries the best in class cameras. This sets the new benchmark for survey grade accuracy.

Eliminating the use of Ground Control Points from the work flow, by activating the state of the art PPK, we now produce one centimeter accuracy and superior 3D reconstruction results.

Safety is always the highest priority. No more risky belly landings no more delays due to damaged wings or cameras.

The pre-flight check list prevents take-off until all checks are completed.

The results are vastly superior to other systems.

Wingtra Hub and Wingtra Pilot provide flight planning and in flight monitoring.

The Wingtra one dovetails nicely with the Reigl VZ1000 ensuring high accuracy and no missing detail.

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