AIMS Works on Last Deep Coal Mine in Britain

The Last deep coal mine in the UK has been capped off three months after its closure.

Kellingley Colliery in North Yorkshire closed in December 2015, bringing to an end centuries of deep coal mining in Britain.

It took a team of men including ten former workers, 3 hours to fill the mine shaft with concrete.

A pipe from the centre of the pit will be used to extract methane gas, to be used by an on site power station.

AIMS flew the site just prior to the demolition of the remaining buildings.

A memorial to 17 miners who lost there lives ta the colliery was transferred from the colliery to the National Coal Mining Museum in Wakefield.

Known locally as the Big K, the largest deep pit in Europe was hailed as the new generation of coal mining and could bring up to the surface 900 tonnes of coal every hour.

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