Multirotor Mapping Drone For Sale

Fantastic Package Includes everything needed to start surveying and mapping!


Reduced to £3,500

Sky Hero Little 6 .

  • Sky Hero Little 6 UAV (with gimbal)
  • GoPro Hero Black
  • Eight batteries
  • Two Taranis X9D Plus Controllers
  • A flight video screen
  • FPV Headset

Multi rotor  Sky Hero Little 6. Pixhawk flight controller and  GoPro Hero Black camera and gimbal.

Fully autonomous flight paths using ArduPilot Mission Planner and Tower app for Android.

Four small batteries and four large batteries ONE HOUR AND FORTY MINUTES OF FLIGHT TIME .

Two Taranis X9D Plus controllers, one used to control the UAV and the other used to manouvre the GoPro camera.

A screen and headset provided can also be used in conjunction with the controllers which would allow you to have First Person View (FPV) and would be very useful during filming or inspection co-pilot operating the camera.

Easy to fly and has fantastic fail safe systems built in, including automatic Return-to-Launch (RTL) before the power runs out.

Accurate and precise when survey results

A a great set up for anyone wanting to get into the UAV mapping market.

We can also provide any demo in the UK.

The total cost for this package is £3,500.00

If you would like to see pictures or videos of it or data produced by it please contact us at


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