Topographical Surveying

Aerial Inspection and Mapping Surveys is a complete remote, non-contact surveying and mapping solution dedicated to providing a detailed and professional service.

Utilising the Wingtra One PPK the safest and most accurate VTOL drone, for mapping and surveying.

Combining vertical take-off and landing with long range flights, it carries the best in class cameras. This sets the new benchmark for survey grade accuracy.

Eliminating the use of Ground Control Points from the work flow, by activating the state of the art PPK, we now produce one centimetre accuracy and superior reconstruction results.

Teaming the Wingtra One PPK with the worlds best terrestrial laser scanner now provides the ultimate surveying and mapping solution.

Start making those better decisions with the most detailed and accurate data provided by AIMS in RiPano. Save cost by producing your own plans, sections and elevations. Visualise the cloud point data as reflectance or RGB colour. See a full 360 panorama photo image from each set up on site. Pass this data onĀ  to the clients, designers and engineers. Giving full access to all the data in this way has never been done before.